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News 09-03-20: Coronavirus - information for parents

Information about the coronavirus (Covid-19) for parents in English.

Information for parents, update 9th of March

Last week we have informed all customers of Spring Kinderopvang regarding coronavirus (Covid-19). In addition, we have informed the customers in Noord-Brabant earlier today about the measures that have been specifically announced by the RIVM for Noord-Brabant.

With this letter we want to list all the measures once again, complemented by responses to questions from parents who have reached us today.

Guidelines childcare locations in Limburg
The following applies to childcare locations in Limburg:

  • If your child has a cold ánd has been in a risk area ór has been in contact with a patient with the corona virus for the past two weeks, you should keep your child at home as a precaution.
  • You must keep your child at home and immediately contact your own doctor or the local GGD by telephone if:
    • your child has a fever with respiratory symptoms such as coughing, shortness of breath and pneumonia,
    • and has been in a risk area,
    • or has been in contact with a coronavirus patient in the past two weeks.
  • We request that you contact your childcare location by telephone and inform us that your child is staying at home.

Guidelines childcare locations in Noord-Brabant
Stricter guidelines have been declared by RIVM for childcare locations in Noord-Brabant:

  • We ask you to keep your child at home if your child has a fever (higher than 38 degrees), a cold or a cough. This regards at least one of the symptoms, so even if your child has only a cough or a cold. If the sypmtoms are gone for 24 hours, your child can return to the childcare.
  • According to the guidelines of the RIVM, this also applies if one or more of these symptoms have existed for some time. Even though there was another cause of the symptoms at first, there may now be a corona infection, so that the symtoms continue.
  • We request that you contact your childcare location by telephone and inform us that your child is staying at home.
  • If your child develops one of the above symptoms at the childcare, a staff member will contact you by telephone and will ask you to pick up your child.
  • If you experience symptoms yourself, we ask you to arrange that your child is brought and/or picked up by someone else. Of course, this also applies to other people who usually come to pick up your child.
  • If you suspect that you or your child has the COVID-19 virus, you are requested to contact your doctor and the manager of your childcare center by telephone.

As a parent, you are responsible for reporting an infection to the GGD or the doctor and follow the instructions of the GGD.

The RIVM has stricter guidelines for Noord-Brabant than Limburg. The reason for this is that there are several coronavirus infections in Noord-Brabant that cannot be traced to a specific source. To prevent further spread, we as Spring Kinderopvang must also follow these RIVM measures.

Guideline employees and locations
Our locations will remain open as usual. Since the above-mentioned guideline also applies to our employees, we may be confronted with the fact that employees must also stay at home. Per day we monitor what this means for the group occupancy. We do our outmost to arrange replacement. In the most extreme case, this may mean that we must close one or more groups or combine locations. You can trust that we do our outmost to communicate this with you in a timely manner.

There is a guideline from the GGD that we follow when a child is ill. It states when a child may or may not visit the daycare. This guideline has now been tightened up by the government and we as Spring Childcare have to adhere to that. This means that we must keep children out, in accordance with the RIVM recommendations. This is not Spring Spring Day's own choice and we are dealing with a situation of force majeure. We follow the advice of the government. This means that there are no compensation options. After all, we reserve the place and the child is welcome again when the complaints are over.

We ask for your understanding and co-operation
We realize that this is an uncertain and unpleasant situation and we hope for your understanding and co-operation. The most important thing we all can and must do is: take responsibility and act wisely. So do not take unnecessary risks for yourself and the other. But do not act unnecessarily out of panic if there is no reason for this.

Questions or more information
If you have any questions, feel free to ask a staff member or the manager of your childcare center. You can also contact our Customer Service: tel. 088 2088 300. For more information about the corona virus, visit the RIVM website: https://www.rivm.nl/en/news/current-information-about-novel-coronavirus-covid-19. Or contact the national information number (tel. 0800 1351) or the local GGD.

Our coordination team keeps a close eye on developments. If there is reason for it, we will of course take measures and inform you about this.